Customer Service

Page Data will meet our customer’s expectations by:

  • Providing constant superior customer service; first, last and always.
  • Always following through, considering our clients’ needs and being the best that we can be.
  • Having a knowledgeable team of people who are trained to maintain their skills to the highest possible standard.
  • Providing a true value add alternative.
  • Offering “best breed” solutions not just products.

Page Data will build our people’s commitment to these goals by:

  • Creating a “can do” team culture across the business.
  • Encouraging initiative, pro-activeness and passion.
  • Rewarding outstanding service and effort.
  • Providing on-going training and career development.
  • Providing a happy, comfortable and harmonious work environment.

Page Data Customer Service

Page Data’s sales staff are continually seeking new methods to improve the quality of service we can provide. Our service offering is the centrepiece of our methodologies and supplies business assistance to our customers based on strong product knowledge and logistics tailored to customer needs. This highly active distribution business model involves consulting, training and effective inventory management to maintain customer focussed business solutions.

Customers are the Priority

Closely attuned to its customers, Page Data’s sales strategy is based on personalised relationships with each one. Thanks to our wide range of offerings, rapid order delivery and extensive range of services, advice and training, every customer benefits from value-added advice and tailored solutions.

In order to allow Page Data to be more innovative and competitive we will be informing customers of market changes. This will help customers to master new products and provide them with the means to broaden the scope of their business. Page Data will assist them with conquering new markets and increasingly improve their own customers’ satisfaction.

Page Data’s Business Challenge

Provide customers a value-added service and assist them in their development.